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Ultra Thin Patch Cables

Ultra Thin Patch Cables

40 pieces of ARC Ultra Thin Eurorack Patch Cables.  

4 colors each (red, yellow, blue, black) in 10 different lengths: 3", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 24", 32"  

The length refers to the cable between the jack shrouds, not tip-to-tip.  For instance, the 3" cable is actually closer to 6" in total length tip-to-tip.

ARC Ultra Thin cables are the slimmest possible 3.5mm eurorack patch cables and are great for use with compact modules or paired with stacking cables.  Slim cables make it easier to adjust controls and read panel graphics.  

The cables are spiral shielded with nickel plated jacks and shrouded with thermoplastic elastomer.  TPE is flexible and rugged, commonly used in high movement industrial applications.  

    $125.00 Regular Price
    $99.00Sale Price
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